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    Spray disinfectant in three versions:

    - For the surface of the shell of fertile eggs and consumption.
    - For laying sheds (hatcheries, poultry and pig farms, hatchery surfaces, processing plants, and farm surfaces)
    - For the silage of grain without drying, fodder and pasture.


    The REIBEN product line are cleaning and sanitizing products for food processing plants, which are especially suitable for application by foaming machines, and can be applied manually anyway.


    The line of SANIPURE products are sanitizers based on peracetic acid.

    It acts in a similar way to that of chlorogens, that is, with a broad oxidizing power, but its action is much less corrosive. In its favor, it should be noted that it has the widest spectrum of action of all the chemical disinfectants mentioned above. Its action is fast even at freezing temperature. It is effective in the presence of organic matter and hard water. Practically, it does not generate foam, so it is very easy to rinse.