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    Technology applied to food BV Cert 9001 14001


    The products of the Blankett Line are coadyuvantes of elaboration.

    They are slightly acidic products so you should avoid prolonged contact with the skin and mucous membranes, before dissolving.
    Withen the product and maintains the appearance and smell characteristic of the fresh product, does not provide flavors or strange smells.
    It avoids oxidation or losses due to dehydration during handling.

    Melanosis inhibitor

    The products of the CRUSTAMAR line are formulations specially balanced for the treatment of crustaceans, they avoid melanosis, which is the oxidative process that causes a blackening of the carapace, mainly in cephalothorax, due to the formation of melanin.
    Its appearance takes place a few hours after capture, slowing down in cases where it proceeds to rapid cooling or freezing.
    The products manufactured by Fine & Pure S.A.  react with oxygen, eliminating it from the system and avoiding the oxidation process that leads to melanosis. The main difference of the products of Fine & Pure S.A. with respect to other antimelanosics  is the low concentration of residual sulfites (S02) that remain at the end of the treatment.
    In adition, some CRUSTAMAR products are sulfite free products.


    The products of the NADEL line are formulations for injection in meat products.


    The products of the line CRUSTAMAR, PESCAGLAS AND ZEFISH act as antioxidants allowing to prevent the oxidation of fats and the consequent yellowing.


    The products of the PESCAGLAS line are glazes that prevent the evaporation of water from the surface of the fish, which takes place during storage, which damages the product due to dehydration and also favors the oxidation of fats.

    The glaze consists of the formation of a continuous film on the surface of the fish, whose main purposes are to avoid surface drying and oxidation. Product used for glazing all types of cephalopod fish and shellfish. Adding PESCAGLAS to the water of the glaze is achieved:

    • Give ice elasticity avoiding cracks and breaks
    • Have a low vapor pressure so that evaporation is minimal.
    • Give the product an attractive and transparent appearance.


    The line of ZEFISH products are moisture retention, stabilizers and antioxidants for frozen, cut and filleted fish. Increases the moisture retention capacity of proteins. Prevents the oxidation of fats and the consequent yellowing.

    Decreases the "Dip Effect" (drip) in fish handling. It helps proteins recover the texture of the living organism by dissociating the Actino-myosin complex.

    In the case of fatty fish, the color and appearance of the fillet is improved by avoiding the oxidation of fats.
    ZEFISH products have formulations with and without phosphates.